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Steven, University of Florida
Your personals service and roommate tools made it easy. Thanks! .
Penn State
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"I found a room in 2 days and actually saved $100 a month in rent. This is fantastic!"

Luis Prieto
Boca Raton, FL

"Your website is easy to use, the terms of agreement are clear, you post the privacy policy, the fact that you can browse but that our privacy info is protected makes me feel very comfortable in Subscribing. This is really a great service for college students and for anyone else looking for a place!"

Vickye Drury
Austin, TX

"When I Subscribed, I found 2 roommates in less than a week. Thanks College!"

Debbie Janoe
New York, NY

"After I Subscribed, I found someone to sublease my room in about 5 days. I saved over $1800 by finding a match. Thanks alot, your site is awesome!"

Larry Demarco
Gainesville, FL

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