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Having an awesome roommate service like yours is just unbelievable. Thank you so much!
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Gay Roommates - Pride Roommates was created to service the gay community by offering a gay roommate service exclusively for the gay roommate community. boasts over 34,000 gay roommates across the United States in every city in the nation. 
Gay Roommate: It is the PrideRoommates mission to provide you and every university student with outstanding customer service and cutting-edge tools to meet your sublease needs! 
When Pride Roommates was first developed, it was designed to offer the gay community a choice of gay roommates, gay rentals, or gay apartments.  However, in recent years many gay roommates have actually meet partners using 
For the gay roommate who is subleasing their apartment or house, trying to find a sublet to live in for a while or simply trying to find a roommate or roommates, PrideRoommates is the all-in-one resource that provides superior customer service and tools for all of our gay roommates!
There are many roommate sites on the Internet, but Pride Roommates is exclusively and only for the gay community.  In fact, has been serving gay roommates, for over 3 years. offers its gay roommate members gay auto-matching, gay email alerts, gay instant messanging, and gay internal message control. 
If you're looking for a gay roommate, gay apartment, a gay rental or mutiple gay roommates, or even another gay single, check out Pride Roommates - PrideRoommates. com.
Gay Roommates: PrideRoommates will also provide you with extensive communication tools to get in touch with your sublet/roommate matches.
Gay Roommate: Some of the excellent benefits of a PrideRoommates membership are: Email Alerts, Roommate Agreement, Find Gay Roomates, Provide unlimited detail about your gay sublet, Post pictures of your sublet, Edit your account in real time, and more!!



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