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Having an awesome roommate service like yours is just unbelievable. Thank you so much!
Steven, University of Florida
Your personals service and roommate tools made it easy. Thanks! .
Penn State
Who We Are
The History Of College Sublease

College Sublease was first imagined in the spring of 2000 when our founder, a University of Florida business major, had the unfortunate task of trying to find someone to sublease his Gainesville, Fl apartment because he was going home to spend his summer with his family.

So starting in February of 2000, he placed expensive ads in the local and college newspapers. These ads were approximately 1 inch by 1 inch and he was only allowed thirty words to describe his apartment. To make matters worse, his ad was surrounded by another 180 ads that looked just like his. Not surprisingly, our founder received no phone calls and no interest in his apartment. Frustrated, he decided to make flyers advertising his apartment and putting them up all around campus. Putting up flyers around a big campus is a daunting task and it took him nearly 2 full days to do it.

Unfortunately, this attempt to find a "subleasee" did not bear any fruit either and within two weeks, every flyer that our founder put up on campus was covered by flyers put up by students just like him trying to find a subleasee for their place.

Frustrated, our founder decided to go home and relax. While fooling around on the Net, he thought to himself that maybe there was a sublease site for college students he could use to sublease his apartment. He searched and searched and found nothing.

Discouraged, our founder went to take a walk around his apartment to clear his head.

Then he sat down at his computer and asked himself, 'why isn't there a site for college students like me to sublet our apartment?'

And with that, College Sublease was born




"I found a room in 2 days and actually saved $100 a month in rent. This is fantastic!"

Luis Prieto
Boca Raton, FL

"Your website is easy to use, the terms of agreement are clear, you post the privacy policy, the fact that you can browse but that our privacy info is protected makes me feel very comfortable in Subscribing. This is really a great service for college students and for anyone else looking for a place!"

Vickye Drury
Austin, TX

"When I Subscribed, I found 2 roommates in less than a week. Thanks College!"

Debbie Janoe
New York, NY

"After I Subscribed, I found someone to sublease my room in about 5 days. I saved over $1800 by finding a match. Thanks alot, your site is awesome!"

Larry Demarco
Gainesville, FL

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